How do I redeem my credits?

After you have ordered your credits, you will find them on your account in "My credits". On this page you will see your credit balance and the expiry date of your credits. You can also start creating your product here, by selecting "Create now" next to it.

Please note that if you have credits for prints you will not see this option. To redeem your print credit, simply follow these instructions, and make sure you select the print size your credit covers.
When you're creating your product on our website, the price of the product will always be visible in the top right corner. If you have a credit for this product, please ignore it as it will change in the basket once you've redeemed your credit.
If you wish to use your credit on your order, simply tick the box next to the credit title. You will see that your credit will be deducted from the price of your product by the mention “Now” and the adjusted price next to it. You can always opt to keep your credit by unticking the box next to the credit title.
The Total of your basket will be recalculated to include only the delivery charges and any option which is not comprised in your credit offer.
To see how to redeem your credit, please watch our video:

Please also note that you cannot use a credit and an offer code for the same order. You can however combine cash credits and product credits.

Can I redeem my credits on a mobile device?
You can redeem your credit on your phone and tablet when creating from our website. Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem your credit from our app.

Problems to use your credits? Check out this FAQ about how to solve your problem here.

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