Upload and add extra photos in your photo book in the old studio

Once you've chosen your book format, theme and you're in the creation studio, simply follow the instructions below.

1) To add more photos, click on the green button "Upload and organise photo".
2) Click on "Upload photos" to get photos from your computer or Social media.
3) Select an album where you want your photos to be uploaded to.
3) Once the upload is finished, click on "Back to my photos".
4) At the end click on "Back to my book".

You'll then see the uploaded photos on the bottom part of the creation studio. You can now drag and drop these photos into your book.

Please note: when you add extra photos within the creation studio, these files are uploaded in the background while you are editing your photo book. If you try at this moment to save your changes but the image files have not completely uploaded into your account, you will see a pop up message saying that upload is not complete. Moving away from the webpage now can lead to losing some or all recently uploaded files.

Always ensure that you are registered and logged into your account by now in order to minimise any potential issues due to network connection, site load or your internet browser performance.

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