Why does my photo look blurry on the creation?

If your photo appears to be blurry when you place it on a creation, it doesn't have to mean that it will be printed this way.

The best way to ensure that the uploaded image will be printed with good resolution is to check it on your Photobox account. To do that please follow these steps:

- Save your creation so you can retrieve it again.
- Go to "My albums".
- Open the album where the photo is saved, and click on the photo. (You'll see a bigger version of the photo and its photo details beside it.)
- Click on the photo once again. A new window will open with your full size photo. This is the photo we'll use when printing your product.

If it looks blurry, we'd recommend that you use another photo that's more in focus. If it's not blurry, you don't have to worry about the blurry appearance while creating your product, as it will not be printed this way.



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