My credit is expiring, can I extend it?

We understand that sometimes you may need more time to finish your product, so we have decided to offer a feature that allows you to extend your credit up to 31 extra days for a small fee.

To extend your credit, please go to "My Photobox" and click "My Credits". When your credits can be extended, we'll display a banner offering this service. To proceed, please click on "Extend Credits". Then, select the credit you wish to extend, choose the duration for your extension, and click on "Add To Basket" to proceed to your transaction. You can order a 7 day, 14 day, or a 31 day extension.

Please note that you can only extend your credits up to a maximum of 62 days after your initial credit expiry date. After this, the extension option will not be available for your credit anymore and you will need to use it before its current expiry date.

To see how to extend your credit, please watch this video:

Credits purchased on a third party website can unfortunately not be extended.

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