What is a credit, and how can I buy it?

Sometimes we have special offers allowing you to pre-pay our products at a discounted price. Please check our Offer page or subscribe to our newsletter to find out when you can buy credits from our website.

After purchasing one of these product credits, you will be given a certain amount of time to create your product so you don't need to rush or miss out on this discount.You will usually have 1 or 3 months to create and order your personalised product after purchasing the credit. When you buy the credit, you will be able to choose its duration.

When you have created the product that your credit covers and place it in your basket before the credit expiry date, you will see the title of your credit appearing underneath your product. Tick the box next to your credit to activate the discount and the price will be deducted automatically as the product has already been paid for. Only delivery and any selected extra option will be added. 

To see how to buy a credit please watch this video:

Can I use this offer for a product that I've already created?
Of course! When buying your credit, you will be able to use it immediately on a product that is already saved on your account, or anytime up until the end date of your credit.

If I buy a credit pack, do I have to order multiple copies of the same product?
No, the credit can be used for different creations. As long as all the created products are covered by the credit, the credits will be used when placing them in your basket.

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