Top tips to improve printing results

It is important for us that you are happy with your printed images, so to make sure that you get the expected quality and colour appearance we would recommend that you follow the advice below:

Image resolution:
Please check our resolution guide to make sure that your image will not look blurry or pixelated when printed. What looks good enough on a computer screen, may look more blurry when printed in the size you selected if the resolution is too low.

Edited images:
You can modify your pictures before uploading them to your Photobox account, using programs like Pixlr, BeFunky or Adobe PhotoShop. Please ensure that you save your images as the following after modifying them via an editing program, to avoid that the printed result differs from your digital image:
- The color space is in sRGB format
- 8-bit depth color
- The image is saved as Standard JPEG format

To get the best results when uploading a modified image we also recommend that the account settings for image enhancement is off on your Photobox account, and you can select this via "My Photobox" - "Edit my profile" - "My preferences". Our image enhancement setting can help you to add brightness to darker images and add more contrast; however if the image has been edited beforehand this setting might compress the picture.

Calibrating your screen:
We recommend that you calibrate your screen on your computer to make sure that the colour reproduction will be as expected in print. Our printers support the sRGB colour profile, and you can obtain a free calibration print to calibrate your computer screen before ordering from here: 

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