How can I upload my photos from Instagram?

First, go to our Upload page. Here you can click on the old Instagram icon, and you will be asked to log in with your Instagram credentials. You will then see all the photos you've posted on Instagram, and you can open your albums and select the photos that you'd like to upload to your PhotoBox account. You can only upload photos that you have uploaded to your Instagram account, and not the photos you have been tagged in.

The photos you choose will be visible to the right, below "Selected photos". After selecting your photos, simply click "Start Upload" to select which album you'd like the photos to be uploaded to and complete the upload. When all the photos have been uploaded, you can click "Upload some more" photos or "View my photos".

As the photos you post on Instagram are in a square format they will be perfect to print on our Retro prints or square prints for example. If printed in a different format, part of the photos will be cropped.

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