How do I select photos for my book?

When you start creating your book, you can choose to upload new photos from your computer, or select photos that you've already saved in albums on your PhotoBox account.

Selecting photos from your computer
A pop-up window will open, allowing you to select photos from your computer files. To select more than one photo from your computer, simply hold the "CTRL" key while selecting your photos. After selecting your photos, you can add more if you want to by clicking "Get more photos".


Selecting photos from your Photobox albums
If you choose this option and you're not logged in, you will be asked to sign in with your details. After logging in you'll see all your saved albums, and you can click on the photos you'd like to use for this book. Then, click "View selected photos" in the bottom of the page.

After selecting your photos from your computer or albums, you can untick photos if needed by clicking the bin icon in the top left corner on each photo, or select your favourite photos clicking the heart icon in the top right corner.


If you're happy with your choice, click "Create my book". It will also be possible to select more photos later if you've forgotten something.

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