I selected ‘order by date’ for my photos, but they didn't show up in chronological order in the book. Why?

Photobox Easy Create™ will try to organise your photos in chronological order when it helps you create your book, but sometimes it isn't as accurate as you were expecting. This can be caused by many factors:

1) Safari on your iPhones and iPads

Apple devices are great for taking photos, but when you upload photos through Safari on your iPhone or iPad, Apple removes key information from the images, such as the date and time that the photo was taken. This means that Photobox Easy Create™ can't organise your photos by date and time when creating your book.

How to solve this?

Upload via our app
If you are in the UK, Ireland or France you can download the Photobox App. After logging in, go to the upload page in the App and upload your photos to the album you want to use to create your Photobox Easy Create Book. Using the Photobox App will ensure all the important information for your photos remains, including the date and time the photos were taken.

Upload via Google Photos or Dropbox
If you have Google Photos or Dropbox you can upload your photos to either of these services and then choose to upload them to Photobox through our Upload Page before you begin creating your book.

Upload via your computer’s browser
You can also email or share photos on your iPhone or iPad to a computer and then upload them through a browser on your computer.

2) Photos people have shared with you

If you haven't taken some of the photos yourself and someone else has shared the photo with you, it’s possible they used a service such as WhatsApp to send it. Like Safari, services like WhatsApp remove data from photos, including the time and date the photo was taken.

How to solve this?

You can ask the person to reshare the photo using email or another image sharing service such as Telegram Messenger, Google, or Dropbox You can also login to your Photobox Account from their phone or computer and upload the images to your Photobox through the Photobox App or Website

3) Your Camera's Date & Time

You might find that some photos will appear out of order by an hour or so, and other times they may be years out of place. We find this is because the date and time on your camera may not have been updated - for example, when the clocks go forward or back if you travel to a different time zone, or when it’s brand new out of the box. This means that some photos can have different times registered on the image file.

How to solve this?

For photos that have been taken and are uploaded to a computer, the easiest way is to use the software on your computer to correct the date. Before your next trip, or when the clocks move forward or backwards, make sure to check the time on your camera. We try to order your photos as best we can for your book, but sometimes issues like those mentioned above can cause a few problems in the process.

Remember, you can always rearrange any photos once they are placed in your book.

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