Photobox offers on social media

Sometimes you may see a special advert on Social Media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, offering our products at discounted prices which are different to those from our main website.

If you’d like to use these offers, please ensure you click on the advertisement and start creating your product from that particular page (after you’ve logged in). The discounted price will show in your basket. In case you have trouble seeing the reduction in your basket, you can use the offer code instead. Please copy it from the offer landing page which you see after you have clicked on the advert.

If you want to apply the discount to a product you have already created and it corresponds to the advertised offer:
- add it to your basket
- copy the offer code from the advert page
- insert the code into the “Offer code bar” in the basket

*Please note You may not see this offer if you log directly into our main website instead of clicking on the advert first.

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