Why is my offer code not working?

If your discount is not being deducted in the basket, we'd suggest that you check the terms and conditions of the offer on our Special Offer page or in the newsletter that we sent to you. Here you will find when the last date to redeem this offer is; please make sure that this date has not passed.

Please also check the type of product mentioned in the offer to see if the promotion can be applied to your product: you might need to change product type, or change the number of pages for example if you're ordering a photo book.

Sometimes our offers can be used for a minimum or maximum order amount, usually excluding the delivery cost. You might also need to order a certain number of products, and you can read more about our "2 for 1" offers here.

Lastly, please note that promotions can be reserved for the first order that you place with us, or when ordering via our App for the first time. If this is the case, this will be mentioned in the terms and conditions of the offer code.

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