Photobox New Zealand closure - questions about the account, creations and uploaded photos

Why is Photobox New Zealand website closing down?

The customer experience improvements and upgrades will only happen on Australian website and, unfortunately, New Zealand would not benefit from this. As we strive to deliver the best customer experience possible, we kindly advise you to continue with us on our partner's Australian website.

Until when can I order on website?

You can order from New Zealand website until the 1st of May. If you wish to continue ordering with us, all you need to do, is to open the Australian website  and continue creating and ordering as you did before.

What happens to my New Zealand Photobox account after the 1st of May?

Your New Zealand Photobox account will be automatically redirected to an Australian account. You won't need to do anything.
This means that everything stays as before - you'll be able to log in with the same login details and your account stays unchanged.
The only thing that changes is the website - you will need to log in on instead of and you'll purchase in Australian dollars.

What happens to my saved project / uploaded photos after the 1st of May?

As long as you keep the same account (which will be automatically adjusted for the Australian website), all your previously saved projects and uploaded photos stay on your account. You'll be able to create and purchase as before.
If you decide to close your account, then you'll loose all your uploaded photos and/or projects that are stored on your account (as per T&Cs, account closure). 

What is changing for me as a customer?
Apart from the change of website, nothing really.
The range of Photobox products on Australian website is the same as it was on New Zealand website and the Customer Care stays the same. The contact detail after the closure is:

What happens to my unused credits after the 1st of May?

Your product and monetary credits will stay on your account. Any left over monetary credit will be automatically converted into AUD.

Will the closure affect delivery cost and time?

Delivery to New Zealand costs the same as to Australia, and delivery times may vary, but generally you will have to wait an extra day or two compared to Australia.

The expected delivery date will show in your shopping basket before you complete your order.


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