Instructions for hanging your aluminium, acrylic and mounted prints

What does the hanging kit contain?
The hanging kit consists of 1 (for a portrait 20 x 30 cm product) or more commonly 2 pressed metal self-adhesive hanging plates, and 2 self-adhesive foam spacer pads for the Acrylic and Aluminium Prints.


The hanging kit is already positioned and attached before your wall decor is sent to you. This will allow the 24 hour glue curing time to occur during delivery so that the item is ready to hang when you unpack it.

Fixing instructions:

You will need (not supplied):
- Spirit level
- Pencil
- Picture hooks & nails (we would recommend you use a dual nail or screwed type picture hook for the largest acrylic prints. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of a picture hook for your wall types/weight of artwork, we would recommend you discuss with a DIY professional/picture framer).
- Some assistance/an extra set of hands if your print is too large for you to support with one hand.


1) Determine where you want your image to hang, checking that you have the right kind of wall fixing picture hooks to suit your destination wall.
2) Position your image flat against the wall and gently mark the wall at the point of the top left or right hand corner of your artwork with a pencil (try to avoid ‘sliding’ your artwork around on the wall as the metal hangers can mark walls).
3) Put down the artwork (careful not to damage the corners or surfaces when placing on any hard surface).
4) Measure in/across 85 mm and down 70 mm from your ‘corner’ pencil mark and make another pencil mark on the wall at this point (this second mark now shows where the centre of the metal hanging plate is on the back of your artwork).
5) Position your picture hook (not supplied) so that the lowest point of the picture hook is on top of the 2nd pencil mark and attach picture hook to wall (we would recommend you use a dual nail or screwed type picture hook for the largest acrylic prints).
6) Carefully hang your artwork on this single picture hook and using a spirit level ensures the artwork is level. Mark the remaining top corner point on the wall with a pencil.
7) Repeat steps 3, 4 & 5 to attach the remaining picture hook to the opposite corner.
8) Use an eraser to gently rub out the corner marks on the wall
9) Hang your picture and stand back and enjoy!


• Please note that the weight of the wall art needs to be spread evenly, therefore it's important that you hang it onto two hanging plates. DO NOT attach/use any string or wire between the pressed metal hangers – the edges of the hangers are sharp and will cut through anything strung. Furthermore, it'll concentrate the weight of the wall art only on one point and it can eventually get loose and fall and so loose its warranty.

• Variations in temperature and humidity may affect hanger adhesive properties as well as the photographic paper your artwork is printed on. Do not hang in an area of high humidity (such as a bathroom) and try to avoid hanging your artwork above a radiator.

• Try to avoid hanging your artwork in constant direct sunlight. Whilst the photo paper PhotoBox uses is archival (Fuji Crystal archive or DPII papers) and has been colour tested in excess of 75 years, direct exposure to sunlight can shorten its lifespan.

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