How can I edit my creation in new editor?

Choosing the layouts, backgrounds and graphics:


On the left hand side of our new editor you have the panel of options from which you can choose the layouts, backgrounds and graphics.



a) The layouts: In the case of a photobook creation, you can filter the number of photos you want to put on the page by selecting the “Number of photos”. If you would like to create your own layout, you can do it by clicking on the symbol of image from the menu (see below) and editing the image size. 


If you want to apply the layout of the currently selected page to all pages (even with your own layout), click on "Apply layout to entire creation". This will, however not save the layout for the future use. 

To save the layouts you like, click the "Favourite" button from the menu on the left. The favourite layouts will be visible under the "heart" icon.


If you see an ERROR message at the end of your creation alerting you about "Blank space" in your book, it might be because you have an empty aperture underneath your photos.

This happens when you want to replace an image with another one and you don't delete the old aperture prior to placing the new one. Therefore, when changing the images, always highlight the photo-aperture first and then place the new image into the aperture or delete the original aperture first and then place the new one. This way you ensure you won't have any empty apertures underneath new images (you might not see them if the new apertures are bigger than the original ones).


b) The backgrounds: The new editor proposes a nice variety of background colours to choose from. If you'd like to apply one background colour to all pages, click on the option "Apply this colour to all pages".

c) The graphics: the last editing option is the selection of graphic embellishments. Select the one(s) you want and drag them into your creation. You’ll also be able to edit them through the menu appearing underneath (if you click on each graphic) in the same way as your photos. 

If you'd like to know how to add text into your creation or pages into you book, click here.




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