Information about the HEIC photo files

HEIC is the new file type (with the “.HEIC” file extension) for photos in iOS 11 and more recent versions, iPad Pro models and iPad 9.7).


Uploading HEIC files

Mac user and iOS devices
Because Apple supports HEIC on its macOS devices (High Sierra and more recent versions), there shouldn’t be any issues uploading HEIC files.
HEIC photo files are supported by :
- our main uploader (when uploading prior to creation)
- the New editor's uploader (when uploading during the creation process)

Windows users
You’ll not be able to open or upload HEIC files directly from your computer.
You’ll need to convert them using:
- one of the online HEIC to JPG converting services, or
- a third party software to convert HEIC /HEIF to JPG. *You may also want to use one of these services if you want to view the images as JPG on an Android device or a Linux machine.

If you download iMazing converter, you'll get a small app which lets you drag and drop files and choose whether to convert them to JPG or PNG, as well as the output folder.

I don’t want to convert HEIC files, what can I do?

In this case, you have two options:

1) Select and share them via email or upload to a cloud storage service as long as you still have the photos on your iPhone or iPad. They’ll be converted to JPEGs automatically. TOP TIP: When you choose to share via email, you'll get to choose which size - always go for the original (maximum) file size if you want to retain the best quality. If you choose a cloud provider such as Google drive, you should see that the files will be saved with a .jpeg extension.

2) Upload HEIC files to Dropbox from your phone or your PC. Dropbox supports .heic already (along with HEVC videos) so you can view and share the photos using your Dropbox account.


How can I stop my iPhone saving photos in HEIC format?

• Open the Settings app.
• Scroll down until you see Camera.
• Tap it and then tap on Formats.
• Change the option from "High Efficiency" to "Most Compatible".

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