Why are my photos not uploading?

I get an error message when uploading my photos
If you get an error message when uploading your photos, it will usually tell you why your photos cannot be uploaded. We'd then recommend that you check the properties of your photo. You can do this by right-clicking on your file in your documents if you're using a PC, or Ctrl-click if you are using a Mac, then selecting "Properties" and "Details".

Please make sure that the image is in JPEG, HEIC or PNG format, that the file size is between 20 kB or 40 kB (for PNG) and 100 MB and that the image dimension is not exceeding 90 million pixels. If the image is too big you can simply scale down the image in a photo editing program. If it's too small, please make sure that the image you are uploading is the original and not a thumbnail.

An error message could also appear if the image file that you are uploading is corrupted. To solve this problem, please reopen your file in a photo editing program and re-save it as JPEG or PNG before uploading it again.

If you see an error message saying that there has been an internal error, you can try uploading your photos again later.

The upload seems to be stuck or frozen
If the upload freezes before fully completed, this means that your browser has become un-responsive. Please note that your photos could still be uploading to your account despite this, and if so they will be stored in your temporary album. You can check the upload progress in a new Internet browser window by going to "My albums" - "Your Temporary Album".

If the photos are not there, we recommend that you check your network connection and make sure your WiFi has not stopped or the bandwidth is too low.
After checking this you can open a new window in an alternative browser, or use an alternative Internet connection, and try to upload your photos again. We would recommend uploading your photos in smaller batches to ensure everything works fine before increasing the number.

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