The creation studio looks different. Why is that?

We are currently restyling our creation studio, as Adobe Flashplayer (which is used in our old creation studio) is no longer supported in most web browsers. While restyling the studio, we'll also make sure that we introduce new features to make it as easy and quick as possible for you to create your personalised products. We have recently done a makeover of our photobooks, calendars and some simple products in a creation studio and more products will follow.

This is however an ongoing process, and you may have noticed that a few of our old editing features aren't available at the moment. Don't worry, we are working on this, but please note that some of the previous features may not be implemented in a new studio.

* Please note: It is no longer possible to make a copy of your books and calendars (made in the old creation studio) from "My Creations". However, you will still be able to purchase them any time if those creations have been completed.


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