How can I edit my creation on the App?

1. How do I add text to my creation?

If you want to add text to your creation, tap on the page and then select the “Layouts” tab where you can find a layout with text boxes on. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to add a standalone text field.

2. How do I add or remove pages in my book?

When you are in the Books Editor, where you can see multiple pages of your book at the same time, you can then tap on the three dots in the right corner of a double page spread. This gives you the option to add or remove a double page. Please note: All books have a minimum and maximum number of pages as specified on the Product Details Page up front.

3. How do I move pages in my book? 

When you see multiple pages of your book at the same time, tap on the “Move pages” option situated in the top right corner. Then rearrange pages as you wish. 

4. How do I edit photos in my creation? 

Tap on the photo and then click on the “Edit” button underneath it. Choose from the options displayed below your photo. When you finish editing your photo, don't forget to save the changes. 

5. How can I change the layout of my page? 

To change the layout of one page, tap on the page and select the “layouts” button. Then choose the layout that suits you. You can also apply that layout to all pages.

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