Instructions for hanging your canvas

What does the canvas kit contain?
1 or 2 x sawtooth bracket
2 x screws
1 x hook
1 x nail
2 x sticky pads (to protect your wall)

Fixing instructions:
1) Choose the arrangement of the hanger/s. For smaller canvases you only need to place one sawtooth bracket in the middle of the canvas, and for larger canvases you can place one on each side of the canvas.
2) Screw the bracket into place using the smaller screws.
3) In pencil, mark where you want to place your canvas on the wall. Remember that the top of your canvas will sit slightly above your pencil mark.
4) Carefully nail the hook into where you’ve marked the wall with pencil. Hammering the nail at a slight angle will ensure the wall takes most of the weight.
5) Now you're ready to hang your canvas on the wall!



Variations in temperature and humidity may affect the properties of your canvas. Don't hang it in an area of high humidity and try to avoid hanging your artwork above a radiator.

To guarantee the colour consistency of your print for years to come, please also avoid hanging the canvas in direct sunlight as the exposure could shorten its lifespan. Please avoid hanging your canvas on walls near which people might walk, stand or sit frequently.

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