Uploading your photos in the new editor

Log into your Photobox account. Once you’ve decided on the product you would like to create, you’ll be directed to the upload page. You can upload JPEG, JPG, PNG and HEIC (from iOS and MacOS devices only) format up to 100 MB.

*Special notice: if you're using the Easy Create option on your iPad in landscape mode with Safari and you seem to be blocked at the upload stage, please switch the iPad in portrait mode to see the uploader progress.

By clicking on “Add photos” you’ll continue to the next step, where you can choose which album you want to upload your photos to:
• a new album
• an existing album you already have on your Photobox account

1) If you’ve decided to create a new album, name it and then click on "Create". Then click on “Select from computer”. You'll be able to select your photos from your files and uploading will start automatically. You’ll notice that uploading with our new uploader is very quick.

*If you wish to use your photos from cloud services, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google photos, etc.... please upload them via our Uploader from the main page. If you'd like to know more about uploading your photos, click here.

If the photos are uploaded correctly, they’ll be marked in green colour with notification “Upload completed”. If there is a problem with your photo, it will not upload and the file will be marked in red.

2) If you've decided to create your product based on existing photo albums you have already saved on your account, click on “Continue to creation”, name your creation and save it. On your screen, on the left, you’ll see all your photo albums. Choose the ones you want and start dragging the photos on your creation.

Our editor team is working hard to bring the possibility of uploading from cloud services directly from the editor as soon as possible.

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