Can I change my delivery address, or send the items to someone else?

Before placing your order:

  • If you wish to send your order to an address which is different from your billing address (e.g. to a friend, a family member or your company):

    In your basket, where your delivery details appear below your products:
    1) Click on “Change” next to your delivery details.
    2) Then click on "Add new address"

    3) Enter your new delivery address and save it. The new delivery address will be ticked. However, your billing address will not change.

  • If you want to change your home address (e.g. you've moved):

    You can change your address on your account at any time, in "My Profile". The next time you place an order, this will be your default delivery and billing address.

    You can also change the delivery address whilst placing your order in your basket:

    1) Click on the "Change" button next to your name in the basket.
    2) Click again on the "Change" button. You'll be directed to another page, where you can enter your new address and save it. Please note: that this address will be automatically registered as your billing address as well.

    *If this is your first order, the basket will ask you to enter your billing address first as you click on “Check out”. Once you have entered your billing address, the latter will be automatically chosen as your delivery address and you will be directed to the payment page.

    After placing your order

    If you want to change the delivery address after placing your order, you can cancel and modify your order within 30 minutes via "My recent orders". When doing this, you will be refunded to your PhotoBox account so you can order again at no additional cost. Your order will be placed in your basket again, and from here you can proceed to "Checkout" where you can update the delivery address in the way mentioned above. Then confirm your order once again.

    To read more about amending an order, have a look at this FAQ.
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