Change or cancel your order

​Within 30 minutes of placing your order

During the first 30 minutes, you can modify or cancel your order directly on the checkout page by clicking on the "Amend your order" button.

Please note: that 30 minutes commences from the appearance of the "Thank you for your order" screen on the Site at the end of the order process. You'll be given two options: cancel your order or make changes to it.

  • When cancelling your order, you will be refunded to your Photobox account, and this amount will automatically be deducted from your future orders. If you wish to be refunded to your chosen payment method instead, please contact us so we can help you.
  • If you choose to amend within 30 minutes, your order will be stopped, cancelled and automatically placed in your basket again. You will be refunded to your PhotoBox account, allowing you to order again after modifying your order. To make any changes to your product from the basket, click on "Edit" next to it.


When you place your order to the basket again, you will see the amount will be automatically deducted. *Please note that if you used an offer code when ordering the first time, you'll need to enter this again.

You can also modify or cancel your order via "My Photobox" - "My recent orders". Here, you'll find your most recent order, and beneath its status you will be able to click "Amend your order", which will give you the same two options again.


After 30 minutes of placing your order

After 30 minutes it won’t be possible to amend or cancel your order any more as the order enters our production workflow and it has been made to your specific requirements. For the full T&C please click here (Terms of purchase of “Personalised Products”). 

Orders made on our Mobile site or through our Photobox app cannot be cancelled or modified by yourself. If you wish to cancel or amend your order, you can contact our Customer service within 30 min after the purchase. It will not be possible to cancel or amend your order after this time.  

For more information about your product-credit order, please click here.

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