How can I crop the photo on my canvas?

When creating your canvas and placing your photo on it, the photo will automatically adapt to your chosen canvas size. If the photo and the canvas have the same aspect ratio, the whole photo will be visible on the canvas. If the image however has a different format than the canvas, you'll see that a part of your photo will be cropped.

1) If you want to crop your photo differently, you can use the zoom feature which will appear below the canvas if you click on the photo. Then drag and move the photo to centre the part of the photo you want to have printed on the canvas.

2) If you do not want your photo to be cropped, try to zoom out the photo instead. If the whole photo still doesn't fit on the canvas, try selecting another canvas size that has the same aspect ratio as your image. *You would need to start the creation process from the beginning.

Please note:
• if you select the "Wrap" option - part of your photo will be printed on the sides of the canvas
• if you select "No wrap", your canvas will have white borders and your photo will be visible on the front of the canvas. A small part of the photo may however still be printed on the edges.

Please ensure that you put all the important parts of your image or text within the dotted line (visible in the creation studio) that indicates the fold (the bleed area). 

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