Acrylic photo block charactristics

What size are your Acrylic Photo Blocks?
We have two sizes to choose from:
• A5 (that's 20 cm x 15 cm)
• A6 (that's 15 cm x 10 cm)
These are free standing blocks designed to be displayed with pride on your desk or mantelpiece. If you'd like a large print to hang on our wall, check out our Acrylic Photo Prints.

How thick are the Acrylic Photo Blocks?
Our Acrylic Photo Blocks are designed to be free-standing to sit on a desk or mantelpiece so both (the A5 and the A6) are 2 cm thick.

How do I clean my Acrylic Photo Blocks?
To keep your Acrylic Photo Block in a tip top condition, we recommend that you simply dust it with a clean dry cloth.

Are Acrylic Photo Blocks easily scratched?
No, our polished acrylic is extremely hardwearing so it's unlikely to get scratched under normal conditions.

Are Acrylic Photo Blocks suitable for displaying in a child’s bedroom?
The superb quality of our Acrylic Photo Blocks means they’re quite heavy and being square they do have reasonably sharp edges, so care does need to be taken around small children.

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