Photo booth strips information

Our new magnetic photo booth strips permit you to stick your favourite photos on any metal surface.

You can add up to four different images on the same strip. The strip is 56 x 195 mm large and comes in two layouts: with or without captions. You can order 1 strip (with four different photos) or a pack of 3 or 5 strips.

When ordering a pack of strips, you have two options:
a) put on each strip different photos
b) repeat the same photos on each strip (in the case you wish to gift them). In that case you would need to add the same photos on every strip manually (it is not done automatically).

Changing the layout:

1) When creating 1 strip, click on the layout tab on the left hand side in the creation studio and click on the chosen layout. The layout will change automatically.

2) When creating a pack of strips, click on the layout tab on the left hand side in the creation studio and drag the chosen layout into your creation manually.

Each order of booth strips comes with one custom kraft envelope (the order of 1 strip comes in 1 envelope and the order of a pack of strips would also come in 1 single envelope).

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