Questions about creations made in the old studio

1. Why is Photobox changing one studio for another that is less functional?
The Flash Player software, on which our old creation studio runs, will no longer be supported by Adobe from December 2020. This impacts all browsers on all operating systems with some companies, such as Google & Microsoft, going as far as removing flash support altogether. Therefore we created a new studio (new editor), where you can create your personalised products even more easily and try our new features (for example: Easy create, shuffle layouts, etc.) We are constantly working on its improval so you can keep enjoying your creating experience.

2. I have been making photobooks in the old studio for a long time, what will happen to my old book creations?
If you have completed your book creations in the old studio, you’ll be able to order them any time from the "My creations" page. 

3. Can I transfer my old creations into the New Editor so I can further edit and reorder them? Can I transfer my creations as PDF to be able to keep them?
Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time to transfer your old creations from one studio to another and they won't be transferred automatically. Therefore, all of your unfinished creations will be lost after the end of December 2020. It will not be possible to transfer your creation in the PDF version either.

4. I have made pre-set themes and formats for my books that I recycle. When will the functions from the old studio be available in the New Editor to have a like for like match?
We’re constantly working on improving the new editor’s options and adding more features. It is our goal to provide you with all the same tools and editing experiences that you expect so you can continue to create the same products year on year.

5. Which products can I create in the New Editor ?
In the new editor you can create the majority of books (with some exception, like: Little Moments Book, Circle Window Cutout book and My First Baby Photo Board Book) and calendars and diaries. The calendars and diaries will also be available on our mobile site.

6. Why can I not edit nor order my Calendar-creations made in the old studio from “My account > My creations” ?
We are very sorry that you cannot edit nor order some of your Calendar-creations made in the old studio anymore!

This is because we recently made improvements to the physical characteristics of some of our Calendar products (for example by adjusting their original size to more exact A4 or A3 dimensions). Due to this change, our factories can now no longer produce calendars with the old specifications and unfortunately, we had to discontinue them from the old studio.

The affected calendars are:
- A4 & A3 Personalised Wall Calendars
- Slim Photo Calendar
- Square Photo Calendar
- A3 Double Page Calendar
- A3 Poster Calendar

If you have a creation in progress that now shows as “discontinued”, or you’d like to reorder or modify an old calendar, we recommend that you create a new one using our new Creation Studio.
We recently added a "custom events" option into the editor so you can reuse your saved personalised events (even from the calendars made in the old studio) in new calendars. For more information about "How to add events?", please click here.

*If you purchased credits to make a calendar later, you will be able to redeem it against the new version of the calendar.

7. I am struggling to understand how the new Editor works, do you have any tutorials to show how it works?
We don’t have any video tutorials about the new editor for the moment, however we have a series of FAQs available on our Help portal to explain how the new editor works.

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