How can I save time when uploading my photos?

The time required to upload photos depends on many factors: the number of images, the size of the image files and the speed of your internet connection. A 2 MB JPEG file should take less than 5-6 seconds to upload with a standard broadband connection. It's always a good idea to try uploading a couple of images first, so you have an idea of how long it could take to upload all your photos.

If you are presented with an unreasonable duration time however, we'd recommend that you stop the upload and follow this advice:

Try splitting your pictures in smaller batches to upload fewer at a time. You can also try uploading at a different time of day when more connection bandwidth may be available.

Resize your images. 5 MB in size is enough to receive a good quality print for most of our products. To check the size of your photo before uploading it, right click on the photo on your computer and select "Properties", then "Details".

Use a different internet browser. You can try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for example, as this could decrease the upload time.

Upload your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox or Google+. It can be faster because the images do not go through your computer but directly from a cloud service to PhotoBox. When uploading from your desktop, the speed is however affected by your broadband connection.



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