How do I upload my photos?

You can upload your photos from our Upload page, which you can also access by clicking the "Upload" icon in the top right corner on the main page. Then, follow these steps:


1) Select your photos
The first step is to choose where you'd like to upload your photos from by selecting one of the icons and then clicking on the button "Start uploading". If you choose to upload your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox or Google Photos, you will be asked to log with your log in details from these sites. If you choose to upload from your "Computer", browse your computer and open the folder from which you want to transfer photos.

Top tip: To select multiple photos at once, hold the "CTRL" key while clicking on your photos one by one. Alternatively , hold the "Shift" key and then first click on the top and then bottom photo in your folder, to automatically select all photos in between.

2) Upload your photos
Once you've opened the folder on your computer, the upload will start immediately.
• If you are signed in to your PhotoBox account, you can select which album to upload your photos to or create a new album where these photos will be saved.
• If you are not signed in to your account, the upload will start immediately after opening your folder and your photos will be uploaded to "Your Temporary album" by default.

When all the photos have been uploaded, you can choose to "Upload more photos", "See your albums" or to start creating your product.

FTP Upload
Unfortunately we no longer support the FTP upload.


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