How can I upload photos from a different Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Google Photos account?

If you have uploaded photos from your account on any of these websites, you will notice that you are automatically directed to this account when you want to upload using these methods again. You can however change which account you want your Photobox account to be connected to. Here's how you do this:

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the App settings page. Here you'll see a list of active Apps and websites that are connected to your Facebook account. Find the "" website, select it and click on "Remove" button to remove it. The next time you upload your photos from Facebook via our website you will be able to log in using another account.

Please note that you can only upload photos that you have uploaded to your Facebook account, and not the photos where you have been tagged.

Log in to your Instagram account via on your computer, and then click on the following link to go to Authorized Applications. Finally, click on "Revoke Access" below "Connect uploader". Now you will be able to use another Instagram account next time you upload your photos on our website.

Log in to your Dropbox account, and access the Connected apps page here. Below your "Linked apps" you'll find "Connect uploader". Click on the cross next to the App to remove it. The next time you want to upload photos from Dropbox you will be asked to log in with new credentials.


Google Photos
Log in to your Google account, and click here to see the Apps that are connected to your Google account. Select "Connect uploader", and then click "Remove" next to it. Now you'll be able to use another Google account next time you upload photos on our website.

Unfortunately it's not possible to upload photos from a new Flickr account once you've given us access to your photos from different account.

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