Duties and taxes for non EU orders

If an order has been placed and paid for with us and you wish for it to be delivered to another country then it is important that you understand that Duties and Taxes may be charged to the receiver.

If the destination country is outside the European Economic Area (EEA) then the customer would not have paid VAT to us during the order, i.e: they have paid less than someone having the order delivered within EEA.

With tax generally being unavoidable, this is liable to be paid by the recipient when passing through customs in the destination country, for the reasons outlined above. Charges could be a combination of the local equivalent of VAT, plus any import duties that the item might incur. * This does no currently apply to the UK.

Please be advised that some countries have very strict customs rules and so items may not be released from customs until the charges are paid. PhotoBox works to the DDU rule whereby Delivery Duty is Unpaid by us. Therefore any charges which are incurred during the customs clearance process would then need to be paid for by the recipient.

PhotoBox has no control over the amount of charges an item incurs as this is a customs process, therefore we would not be able to refund any charges back to you as we ultimately do not receive any of the charged amounts.

You can check if your country is part of the EEA by clicking on the following link.

**Please note that your PhotoBox customs invoice will include the full value of the order, excluding offers or discounts. As such, you may be charged by customs based on these values.

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